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  • Artwork

  • What artwork files do I need to supply you?

    The files we require must be in Vector format, all fonts need to be outlined and ‘PMS Solid Coated’ colours must be listed.

    The typical file types we accept are .eps, .pdf, .ai and .cdr.

    Vector artwork is needed so that we’re able to modify your artwork to suit the methods required when manufacturing metal. It’s the standard when it comes to Graphic Design and good practice to familiarise yourself with. Kindly ask your Designer and they should be able to provide you with what we require. If not sack ’em.

    Other than that, there’s no real guideline. Just supply us with what you want on your product and we’ll make it work.

  • I have no Designer and no clue what Vector means. Now what?

    If you can’t get your hands on the Vector version of your artwork then the next best thing we require is a high resolution .jpg that’s no less than 300dpi. Using this method means it’ll take longer to complete your Proof because we have to trace your artwork and basically re-create it from scratch, just to convert it to Vector. So please use this as a last resort.

    Another issue is, if you can’t supply us with the font or don’t know the name, we can only use the closest match from our font list. So the artwork may not be exactly the same as your original.

    In some cases the artwork is complex and takes a lot of time to convert, so we may need to charge for this service.

  • What are PMS colours?

    PMS is the colouring system we use. Again it’s pretty much standard in the Design industry, so if you ask your Designer for the ‘PMS Solid Coated’ colours, it should be easy for them to give it to you.

    Sometimes people get confused with CMYK, PMS and RGB. They’re all completely different.

    Think of it like this… CMYK is the ink cartridges you put into your printer, PMS is like nail polish and RGB is for screens. CMYK is useless to us because we don’t use printers to infill our products and RGB would only be handy if we did websites.

    Just a heads up, not all colours come out the exact same on different materials. Sometimes they can look lighter or darker.

  • What if I don’t know my PMS colours?

    If you’re unable to get your PMS colours, we’ll have to choose the colours for you, from our Swatch Book. If you have a specific colour to match, you’ll need to send us a physical sample (eg. a Business Card) by post. We’ll go through our swatches and pick out the closest match possible. Please post sample(s) to PO Box 6236, Vermont South, VIC 3133 and address it to ‘Promo Fix’.

    We can’t go off screens because there’s way too many variables that can cause differences. For example, what you see on your screen might look like a light Blue but on our screen it’s a mid Blue because our ‘Brightness & Contrast’ settings are different to yours. It’s basically impossible, so don’t bother choosing colours from a screen.

  • Do I get to see a Proof before production?

    Absolutely. Production doesn’t start until your 100% satisfied and approve the mock-up(s) you receive via email.

  • Ordering

  • What’s the minimum amount I can order?

    Quantities vary for all products. The more you get, the more cost effective it is. Contact us to discuss your options.

  • Can I get a sample made first?

    Generally we don’t make samples because of the cost to produce one. Sometimes, depending on what we have in stock, we can send out examples of what we’ve already done for other Clients.

    If you’re really desperate to see a sample before full production and have the cashola to fork out what’s needed, then by all means request one.

  • How long does it usually take to complete an order?

    We don’t give out definite timeframes on when your merchandise will be finished. Things can happen out of our control that cause delays, so any time we give you is an estimate only. We cannot be held responsible if you receive your products later than expected.

    In saying that, if everything goes according to plan, it normally takes anywhere between 3-5 weeks to complete, so please keep that in mind when ordering. We generally advise our Clients to make sure they have at least a couple of months spare before their deadline. Shipping times vary as well. You do have the option of choosing ‘Express Shipping’.

    Rush orders are case by case. We pride ourselves in producing high quality products, something we won’t sacrifice cause of time constraints. Feel free to ask though, we’ll be totally honest and tell you if it can be done or not.

    Production time starts from the moment funds have cleared on our end.

    Please note, any products containing Lithium Batteries are not allowed to be shipped via Air Freight, according to Australian Law. Instead they must be delivered via Road Transport. This delays delivery by a few weeks, maybe months.

  • Can I pick up my order once it’s ready?

    Nope. We prefer to ship all our products. We’re based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne but serve anywhere in Australia, so we’ve set up a system where pick up isn’t necessary. Ask us anyway and we might be able to come up with a solution.

  • What do you do other than Key Rings and Lapel Badges?

    We specialise in custom made Metal Products but also supply many other promotional Gifts.

    Take a look at what’s trending for more ideas.

  • Payment

  • What’s your Payment Policy?

    You can read our full Payment Policy in our Terms & Conditions. Basically, once an Invoice is issued, payment must be made within 30 days. After that, the Invoice is null and void and prices are subject to change. Once payment is cleared on our end, production starts.

    You can pay online via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

  • Do I need a PayPal account to pay online?

    No. You’ll have the option to use your PayPal account or fill out your details as a one off. We use PayPal to handle our payments for the security. They’re the leaders in online payment solutions. If it’s not safe to use them then nothing out there is capable.

    FYI, if you choose to use a Credit Card that’s linked to an existing PayPal account, you’ll have to log in to that account.