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Trending Promotional Gifts.

Browse through our list of the most popular promotional/corporate Gifts that get handed out to those very special people. A wide variety available and all customisable, making sure your brand shines and stays at the forefront of your Customers’ mind.

  • Drinkware

Black Ceramic Mug
White Ceramic Mug
Blue Ceramic Mug
Red Ceramic Mug
Top view
Black Ceramic Mug Thumbnail
White Ceramic Mug Thumbnail
Blue Ceramic Mug Thumbnail
Red Ceramic Mug Thumbnail
Top view Thumbnail

Ceramic Mugs – 440ml

Printed promotional Mugs are rated consistently amongst the best sellers. Why? Because they print up beautifully and are highly visible in the office and home. Once someone chooses your Mug as their favourite, it will be loved, cherished and used exclusively for many years. Seriously though, Mugs are an integral part of our lives, so they are quite simply a wonderful way to promote your business.

Printed Mugs are very cost effective so you can be sure of a fantastic, long lasting result of which you will be proud and your bottom line will be thankful.

Black Travel Mug
White Travel Mug
Blue Travel Mug
Red Travel Mug
Black Travel Mug Thumbnail
White Travel Mug Thumbnail
Blue Travel Mug Thumbnail
Red Travel Mug Thumbnail

Travel Mugs – 450ml (BPA free)

This aluminium finished Travel Mug can be printed with your promotional logo, to create a stylish corporate Gift or event giveaway. With BPA free inner plastic, screw-in lid with flip-top opening and silicone seal, this is a strong and practical Mug that’s fantastic for those constantly on the move.

Black Glass Cup2Go
White Glass Cup2Go
Blue Glass Cup2Go
Red Glass Cup2Go
Green Glass Cup2Go
Orange Glass Cup2Go
Black Glass Cup2Go Thumbnail
White Glass Cup2Go Thumbnail
Blue Glass Cup2Go Thumbnail
Red Glass Cup2Go Thumbnail
Green Glass Cup2Go Thumbnail
Orange Glass Cup2Go Thumbnail

Glass Cup2Go – 300ml

The Glass Cup2Go provides an excellent return on investment. An everyday item that has the potential to be used all day in the office, home or car, with or without the lid. The more it’s used the more visible the logo and the more effective the promotion.

Glass is becoming an increasingly popular choice because in addition to being environmentally responsible, it also provides a clean taste and is an exceptionally hygienic material.

Logos can be printed on the silicone band while the double walled design keeps hot drinks hot without burning your Clients’ fingers.

Plastic Cup2Go
Plastic Cup2Go Mix and Match
Plastic Cup2Go Lid Colours
Plastic Cup2Go Cup Colours
Plastic Cup2Go Sleeve Colours
Plastic Cup2Go Thumbnail
Plastic Cup2Go Mix and Match Thumbnail
Plastic Cup2Go Lid Colours Thumbnail
Plastic Cup2Go Cup Colours Thumbnail
Plastic Cup2Go Sleeve Colours Thumbnail

Plastic Cup2Go – 356ml (BPA free)

With the disposal of environmentally harmful Cups in today’s society, nothing reflects awareness and sustainability in a business more than promotional BPA free Coffee Cups.

Sporting a stylish design with screw-top lid and silicone band, this promotional Coffee Cup is the perfect Gift for the ecologically aware and practical minded Customer.

The Cup2Go cups, lids and bands are available in a wide variety of colours so you can mix and match according to your branding.

Black Glass Bottle
Blue Glass Bottle
Red Glass Bottle
Green Glass Bottle
Orange Glass Bottle
Black Glass Bottle Thumbnail
Blue Glass Bottle Thumbnail
Red Glass Bottle Thumbnail
Green Glass Bottle Thumbnail
Orange Glass Bottle Thumbnail

Glass Bottles – 600ml

This fantastic lightweight glass bottle, with a stainless steel threaded lid, is great for the home, office or recreational purposes.

Glass is a natural choice for pure taste. Easy to clean and more environmentally sound for our oceans and landfills. It features a protective silicone sleeve grip that will beautifully frame your logo, which is printed on the glass.

Black Sports Bottle
Blue Sports Bottle
Red Sports Bottle
Top view
Black Sports Bottle Thumbnail
Blue Sports Bottle Thumbnail
Red Sports Bottle Thumbnail
Top view Thumbnail

Sports Bottles – 750ml (BPA free)

Staying hydrated is an important part of any health regime. Your next promotion can send the right message with this cool looking, durable, BPA free Drink Bottle with retractable leak-proof hinged spout/straw.

Using Tritan Construction, it’s available in 3 bright colour accents.

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  • Lanyards
Custom Printed Lanyards
Custom Printed
Plain Lanyards
Plain Cord Lanyards
Plain Cord
Custom Printed Lanyards Thumbnail
Plain Lanyards Thumbnail
Plain Cord Lanyards Thumbnail


Keep organised and visible with this Conference essential. Our range of Lanyards are a great promotional product that employees can wear around the office and be used for Name Tag Holders or ID Pouches.

Events such as Tradeshows, Sports Carnivals, Inter Club Competitions and Festivals are an excellent market for Printed Lanyards.

(mm) Width Length
Custom Printed 15, 20 & 25 800 – 900
Plain 25 850
Plain Cord 4 800

Lanyard Attachments


Our promotional Lanyards can come with a Breakaway Clip for safety, in case the Lanyard becomes caught or snagged on something. A wide range of other Attachments are available too.

Wallet 70 x 110 mm
Wallet 92 x 108 mm
Wallet 92 x 65 mm
Wallet 70 x 110 mm Thumbnail
Wallet 92 x 108 mm Thumbnail
Wallet 92 x 65 mm Thumbnail

ID Wallets.

We also offer a range of different sized, clear PVC Wallets. Perfect for holding ID Tags, Access Tickets etc…

Protects important documents and designed to fit any of our Lanyards. Dimensions suit Insert size (please note, we do not supply the Inserts).

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  • Power Banks
Connect to Smartphones on the go

Power Bank Cards.

A product that has really boomed over the last couple of years is the portable Power Bank. Seeing as we cannot live without our phones for more than 5 minutes, having a spare battery lying around is essential.

These promotional Power Bank Cards are the perfect Gift to hand out as they fill a need and are so easy to carry. A great opportunity to get constant brand exposure.

If you’re looking for a fresh promotional idea and want to keep up with current trends, these Power Bank Cards are a must.

Weight < 80g
Battery Li-Polymer
Capacity 2000mAh
Input DC 5V ⁄ 1A
Output DC 5V ⁄ 1A
Cycles ∼ 500
Operating Temp. 0°C – 40°C
Compatibility Android, BlackBerry, Windows, iPhone > 5
Charge Protection Yes
Aus Compliant Yes

Fits easily in Pocket and Purse
Super slim and light
Comes in Plain White packaging
Fits easily in Pocket and Purse Thumbnail
Super slim and light Thumbnail
Specifications Thumbnail
Comes in Plain White packaging Thumbnail

Ultra slim & light.

The Power Bank Card is extremely thin and light, making it easy to store, whether in a pocket, wallet or purse. There are no extra cables to carry and comes with a compartment to hold the iPhone and USB-C Adapters. As long as it’s full, your Client can take it where ever they go.

It’s capable of 1 charge up before needing a re-charge (this varies with Smartphones as they all have different battery sizes), so market it for those emergency situations on the go.

What’s included in every Unit…

Power Bank, Micro USB Charging Cable, iPhone & USB-C Adapters

Print any Design on the front

Print any Design.

These Power Banks are completely customisable and just about any design can be printed on the Front and Back. Treat it like a Business Card.

Take full advantage as it’s reusable and something your Customers will carry everywhere. Perfect for those referrals.

Super easy to use…

Step 1

Step 1

Charge Power Bank Card

Plug the included Charging Cable to an AC Wall Adapter or a USB Port on your Computer. The Red LED Indicator will stop flashing once the Power Bank Card is full and ready to use.

Step 2

Step 2

Charge Smartphone

Connect the Built-in Cable to your Smartphone (attach included Adapter for non Micro USB Devices). The Blue LED Indicator will start flashing once the Power Bank Card is running low.


Due to strict Australian Laws regarding Lithium Batteries, these Power Bank Cards cannot be shipped via Air Freight. They can only be delivered via Road Transport. This delays delivery by a few weeks/months.

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  • Stationery
PEN-z634 Thumbnail
PEN-z632 Thumbnail
PEN-z237 Thumbnail
PEN-z139 Thumbnail

Plastic Pens.

Need a promotional product that’s good quality but inexpensive? Our range of budget Plastic Pens is the perfect solution.

If it’s coverage you want, look no further. You can afford to spread these Pens around. Many great colours and designs to choose from.

Just because these are cheap doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality. Beware of cheap imitations. Rest assured, we stand by our quality of promotional Pens.

PEN-z725 Thumbnail
PEN-z555 Thumbnail
PEN-z281 Thumbnail
PEN-p081 Thumbnail

Metal Pens.

You will pay a little more but many Customers prefer Metal Pens simply because they convey quality and durability. If these are attributes you want to associate your brand with then it can be worth paying a little more.

Printed Pens continue to be a very popular promotional product as we all use Pens every day of our lives. Make sure that it’s your Pen that your important Clients are holding.

PEN-par002 Thumbnail
PEN-par001 Thumbnail
PEN-wat002 Thumbnail
PEN-wat001 Thumbnail

Premium Pens.

Our Premium Pens are for those very special Clients that you want to spoil. Made by 2 well-known brands, Parker & Waterman, choose a Pen that screams class and elegance.

Since 1988, Parker has pioneered innovation and superior craftsmanship. What better than to align your brand with one, synonymous with highest quality, perseverance and corporate success. Our promotional Parker Pens can be professionally printed or engraved, while being beautifully presented in a Parker Gift Box.

With more than 125 years of authentic craftsmanship, Waterman brings sensuality, sophistication and imagination to the experience of promotional Fine Writing Instruments. Available as a personalised promotional Gift, they can be professionally printed or engraved and comes in a luxurious Waterman Gift Box.

Gift Box
Gift Box
Display Case
Display Case
Presentation Tube
Presentation Tube
Velvet Pouch
Velvet Pouch
Gift Box Thumbnail
Display Case Thumbnail
Presentation Tube Thumbnail
Velvet Pouch Thumbnail

Pen Packaging.

An optional add on, whether you’re purchasing our quality Plastic Pens or our superior Metal Pens, is our attractive promotional Gift Boxes that will take your campaign to the next level.

Providing a Gift Box not only lifts the perceived quality of what you are gifting but also provides a practical solution to the long term preservation and use of the Pens.

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  • Stress Relief
Stress Toy Shapes
Stress Toy Animals
Stress Toy Industries
Stress Toy Sports
Stress Toy Vehicles
Stress Toy Shapes Thumbnail
Stress Toy Animals Thumbnail
Stress Toy Industries Thumbnail
Stress Toy Sports Thumbnail
Stress Toy Vehicles Thumbnail

Stress Toys.

There is little wonder why Stress Toys are still one of the most successfully utilised printed promotional products on the market.

They’re colourful, have great print areas, an attractive price point and are available in many novel shapes which offer endless, creative and fun ways to get your logo across the desks of those you need to see it.

PU Stress Toys are an ideal way to spread the message and can be pad printed for cost effective promotions.

Fidget Spinner
Fidget Spinner in hand
Fidget Spinner in use
Fidget Spinner Black
Fidget Spinner White
Fidget Spinner Colours
Fidget Spinner Thumbnail
Fidget Spinner in hand Thumbnail
Fidget Spinner in use Thumbnail
Fidget Spinner Black Thumbnail
Fidget Spinner White Thumbnail
Fidget Spinner Colours Thumbnail

Fidget Spinners.

Fidget Spinners can provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations. It’s a way to concentrate during meetings, class or those dull moments.

They’re a handy Toy to carry everyday or to leave on the desk. Small enough to fit in a pocket and perfect to release stress or help curb unwanted habits. Discrete and fun, Fidget Spinners are effective for focus and deep thought. Great for those who have fidgety hands.

How to use: Hold Spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. Eventually with practice, Spinners can be spun using one hand only.

Focus Cube
Focus Cube Guide
Focus Cube in hand
Focus Cube Colours
Focus Cube Thumbnail
Focus Cube Guide Thumbnail
Focus Cube in hand Thumbnail
Focus Cube Colours Thumbnail

Focus Cube.

Focus Cube is a Toy for anyone who likes to fidget. It helps with anxiety, nerves and boredom.

An unusually addicting desk Toy designed for all ages to help focus. Fidget at work, in class and at home in style. Each of the six sides feature something to fidget with. Join the craze.

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