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Custom Lapel Badges.

Stylish & Durable.

Made from metal and comes in many styles, making them completely customisable for your specific needs. They not only look good but are also robust, perfect for a rough and tough environment likeā€¦ the School yard.

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Show Off

Show off.

Have your brand incorporated onto your suit or uniform by pinning a stylish metal Badge to the Lapel. Useful for rewards, celebrating milestones, titles or souvenirs. Overall, a great way for showing off your achievements.

Like our Keyrings, all our Lapel Badges are custom made and designed in any shape and size, typically smaller so they’re not so intrusive when being worn. You have 4 styles to choose from.

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Your Choice

Your choice.

There are 3 standard attachments available. Brooch with safety lock, Butterfly Clutch and Stick Pin. Each have their own advantages but we’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you prefer for your Lapel Badge.

Our Title Bars use Brooch Pins, usually because they’re wider than they are tall and can also have a Drop Badge linked to them via a Jump Ring.

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Custom Style Guide.

  • Enamel Gold
    Enamel Silver
    Enamel Bronze
    Enamel Black Nickel


    2 mm thick

  • 2 Tone Gold
    2 Tone Silver
    2 Tone Bronze

    2 Tone

    2 mm thick

  • Print

    2 mm thick

  • Antique Gold
    Antique Silver
    Antique Bronze


    4 mm thick

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